Recharge API Terms and conditions:

  1. Recharge API is a 3rd party Service”
  2. Recharge API Services are offered by Venture of C4 Group of Companies Called “Cyrus Recharge Solutions”
  3. Cyrus will provide the Recharge API Integration document and one panel to check the recharge balance and all details.
  4. All APIs will work on Live mode only if Staging mode available in API Document then you can use that except booking test.
  5. Free Technical Support – CYRUS will provide free technical support for any Issue in integration
  6. The client has to give undertaking (As per Annexure III) that, Client will use the API developed by the CYRUS for legal purpose and shall not promote any illegal work on the software which is against the law of the country in which it will be used.
  7. All disputes arising in regard to any term of this agreement should be settled amicably by parties. Otherwise parties can take option of approaching Court for settlement of dispute. This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction JAIPUR (Rajasthan).
  8. Order once placed will not be cancelled by the Client. Client is liable to pay the complete amount decided in the agreement, and there will be no Refund for any payment.
  9. The Products and/or Services offered on CYRUS website consist of Recharge Solution From API, but not limited to, mobile, dth, data card recharge services. The Products and/or Services consist of an internet browser interface data encryption, data transmission, data access, data storage and, if applicable, synchronization software and/or application programming interface access. The Users shall be held responsible for obtaining and maintaining all computer hardware, software and communications equipment that are needed to access the Products and/or Services, and for paying all the chargeable access charges (e.g., ISP, telecommunications) that are incurred while using the Products and/or Services.
  10. CYRUS reserves the rights to modify/change any plan cost anytime with or without prior notification to their customers. CYRUS ( also reserves the rights to increase/decrease margin/surcharge on any operator anytime with or without prior notification to their customers. CYRUS also reserves the rights to terminate/suspend any of their customer account on violation of their terms and conditions. No refund will be provided in all cases.
  11. CYRUS allow the client to use one Licenece API Account to only one Software, if client will use one api a/c with multiple software then account will be blocked with Penalty of Rs. 5000 and the API Charges also to be paid as per the plan cost.
  12. As per the standard practice we provide the 30 Days recharge report access to client and client can export this data, as we do not take any such responsibility in case of any issue from datacenter. so we advice to take regular report backups if required
  13. In Case if there is any issue with any Operator then please right us back on so we can revert back.
  14. we are also providing Plan and Operator Fetch APIs which cost extra if not in scope.

Other Terms and conditions:

  1. Few Operator Recharges are running on hybrid mode for maximum margin & maximum uptime. Min. Success Ration 90-95%.
  2. Sometimes operators change their Margins so Cyrus will provide the notification of margin Changes via Prior News updates.
  3. Recharge Status will be as follows: SUCCESS / FAILED / PENDING
  4. In case if Few Tranx are pending on our API Panel then they will get processed automatically in every 10 Mins to 3 hrs time Interval
  5. In case if recharge status is pending in your software then use the status check option given in 
    Admin > Recharge > Pending Recharge - Select all Tranx and click on check status
  6. We are going to launch new features in API, we will provide two mode in API Panel. If you are receive issue related to Pending/Failed than you can move recharges operator wise on Secondary API for better response.  Recharge===>My Commission (1. Primary API Commission/Surcharges, 2.Secondary API Commission/Surcharges  Step 1:-  Login your API panel. Step 2:- Select Recharge Tab and Click My Commission option Step 3:- After click on My Commission option, you have view below mentioned page, you can select the operator which one you want to shift on Secondary API. Step 4:- And client Submit Button.

    Note:- This is  Additional service provide by Cyrus to API user free of cost and this is not mandatory to use, this is optional services use according to your convenience.

  7. for any technical issue / Recharge Dispute you can either raise the ticket / Email us at: with Cy Tranx ID, You will get the response there.
  8. On Case of Any Recharge Dispute client need to co-operate as we also need to check the same with operator and this process may take time.
  9. For DMR: minimum Trnx Charge will be Rs. 2 and Benefiaciary add charges from ICC = Rs. 3.5

Balance Request Process

  1. You can make the payment via: Cheque Deposit/NEFT/RTGS/IMPS Only To add recharge Balance, we highly recommend to do NEFT / Cheque Payments to avoid transaction charges. No Cash Allowed in any bank account.
  2. We do not recommend the payment via Cash Transaction. if you made then there will be transation charges min Rs. 50 for Each Rs. 5,000 Balance
  3. Amount Limitation: You can transfer/deposit ranging from Min Rs. 1,000 to Any amount.
  4. Balance Update Timing: 10:15 AM to 6:00 PM on Monday to Friday, Saturday 10:15 AM to 02:00 PM (Except 2nd and 4th Saturday - as bank holiday) and Sunday is closed.
  5. Late Fee / Holiday / Odd Time Charges after Balance update timings: Rs. 50 Per Rs. 5,000 amount in multiples.
  6. Balance Updation: Generally it take 15 Mins time (Max 2 hr) to get approved after subject to payment receipt in our bank accounts, If NEFT then it may take time to get update.
  7. we suggest to Get the funds via IMPS / Same Bank Transfer if need urgent funds to be updated.
  8. Alert: Please provide correct Transaction detail in above form otherwise balance request will be rejected.
  9. Helpline Mail at: for any issues. you will get the revert soon on working hours 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Raise Dispute Process:

  1. Put Cy Trnx Id for Raise Dispute and put the issue and click on submit button
  2. If Operator Ref is available then you can not raise dispute as you have to confirm from Operator only
  3. Recharge must not be later then 3 days from current date, Else we will not be able to provide any resolution
  4. Recharge status must be "Success" no other status allowed.
  5. Login to API Panel and raise Dispute with Cy Tranx ID and we request you to wait as per the Dispute Management System
  6. Dispute Clearance is an automated process from operator end and may take min 1 hr time to Max 5 days From the date of Raise Dispute
  7. Some times operator may not provide operator Ref, so customer can wait for the same or can contact to operator if not provided after time limit.
  8. In case if Trnx is success and Operator Reference is available but user not get any benefit then in this case first you have to talk to Concern operator and provide us the call recording for the same and need to mail to with CyTrnx ID
  9. Some Times Operator take more time, then in case if trnx not resolved within 5 days then only need to mail us the Cy Tranx Ids in that format Ex.
    Note: if still having issue with any tranx then you can mail us to